CHNA Diversity and Inclusion Action Team

Data gathered in the CHNA showed that students don’t feel as though inclusive language is used consistently across campus. Students also indicated that they feel isolated at times and lack a sense of belonging to the University overall.

Based on this feedback, the CHNA Diversity and Inclusion Action Team developed the following goals to address inclusion on campus:
• Improve language on campus to be more inclusive
• Develop ways to inform students of available resources/ways to connect with others
• Create a more inclusive environment/campus culture 

Diversity and Inclusion Action Team Executive Summary

The Executive Summary below highlights the work of the action team (click picture to access full Executive Summary).

Campus Resources

As part of the CHNA process, data indicated that scholars in our community, especially our students, desired that the University take a more intentional approach to matters of diversity and inclusion, specifically in the use of language and communication. The CHNA Diversity and Inclusion Action Team developed an online Inclusive Language Resource to address this need. Explore the Inclusive Language Resource here.

Action Team Members
Julie Edwards, Chair UChicago Student Wellness
Belinda Cortez Vazquez UChicago HELP
Cheryl Richardson Chicago Center for Teaching
Leonard Clemons The College
Mason Mason Housing and Residence Life
Megan Heckel Greco Equal Opportunity Programs
Milvia Rodriguez Harris Public Policy
Khanh Nghiem UChicago Student Wellness
Emily Schulze UChicago Student Wellness
Sinduri Soundararajan Student, UChicago Student Wellness Peer Health Advocate