CHNA Mental Health and Well-being Action Team

Data gathered in the CHNA highlighted the need for better access to mental health services, increased information/communication about services available to students and how to access them, and ways students can build skills to strengthen their ability to flourish.

Based on this feedback, the CHNA Mental Health and Well-being Action Team developed the following goals to address these concerns on campus:
• Increase access to existing campus resources
• Provide targeted education about resources that exist and how to help others
• Develop a course for students to develop skills in resilience/flourishing to be the best versions of themselves

Current Progress

The CHNA Mental Health and Well-being Action team first developed videos to highlight mental health resources on campus to reduce stigma and increase help-seeking behaviors (see link to videos below).

The University also funded the construction of a brand new Student Wellness Center, housing UChicago Student Wellness, which consists of medical, mental health and health promotion services to holistically support students in all aspects of their well-being.

A new program, Living Intentionally to Flourish Everyday (LIFE), is set to launch in Autumn 2020. This is a 4-week program that will use positive psychology principles to increase flourishing among UChicago students. More details on the program can be found below. 

Campus Resources

Videos were created to highlight the mental health services available to UChicago students and are available on UChicago Student Wellness’ YouTube channel. Topics covered include:
• Academic Skills Assessment Program (ASAP)
• Eating concerns
• Group therapy
• Introduction to counseling services
• Let’s Talk
• Medication management
• Referral services
• Support for LGBTQ students and other underrepresented minorities
• Urgent care

The Living Intentionally to Flourish Everyday (LIFE) Program is currently in development and will launch with its first cohort in Autumn 2020.

Action Team Members
Julie Edwards, Chair UChicago Student Wellness
Alex Levi Student, Student Government
Areeha Khalid Student, UChicago Student Wellness Peer Health Advocate
Ashhad Qureshi Student, UChicago Student Wellness Peer Health Advocate
Belinda Cortez Vazquez UChicago HELP
Ethan Rucker Harris Public Policy
Megan Heckel Greco Equal Opportunity Programs
Milvia Rodriguez Harris Public Policy
Sean Lee Housing and Residence Life
Sharanya Srinivasan Student, MannMukti
Cassidy Wade UChicago Student Wellness