Call for Papers: 2018-2019 Academic Year

Dear Colleagues,

The Hebrew Bible Workshop is welcoming paper proposals for the new academic year. Acceptable submissions include dissertation chapters, interesting course papers, articles being prepared for publication, or any other interesting proposals.

Aside from the usual format, the Workshop is also accepting submissions of shorter, conference-long papers (approx. 15 min.) to be presented in our “Conference dry-run” sessions, in which two or three students will share their work together. 
In addition, this year the Workshop will be hosting “Performance Sessions,” where presenters are invited to perform/recite any text from ancient Hebrew literature, offer a translation, and conclude with some brief reflections about the text (specifically, we encourage presenters to engage the question of how the performance has informed translational decisions and shaped the perception of its literary quality or meaning.)
If you are interested in presenting, please email with:
  • a tentative title
  • brief description
  • type of submission
  • your program/department affiliation
  • preferred term to present (Autumn, Winter, or Spring)
Best wishes,

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