Autumn Quarter 2022 Schedule

Dear Hebrew Bible and Early Jewish Reception Workshop subscribers,
we are pleased to announce the schedule for Autumn Quarter 2022. Unless otherwise indicated (*), the in-person location and time for this quarter’s events is Swift Hall, room 201, Thursday 5pm. The times of events posted here are U.S. Central Time. Zoom links and further details will be provided before each event. For other details, accommodation requests or to be added to the HBEJR Workshop mailing list, please contact Tommaso Bacci (


(*) Wednesday, October 19th, 5:00pm
(*) Common Room (Ground Floor), Swift Hall

“Four Legal Texts in the Hebrew Bible that Evince a Concern for Animal Rights”

by Dr. Saul M. Olyan  

Samuel Ungerleider Jr. Professor of Judaic Studies
Brown University


Thursday, October 27th, 5:00pm
(*) Virtual Session (Zoom link will be provided)

“The Birth and Naming of Jacob’s Children: A Comparative Analysis of P, J, and E”

By Emily Thomassen

PhD Candidate, Divinity School
University of Chicago


Thursday, November 3rd, 5:00pm
Swift Hall, Room 201

“The Portrayal of Balaam in the Elohistic Narrative Arc as the Antithesis of the Prophet Moses”

By Jaeseok Heo

PhD Student, NELC
University of Chicago


Thursday, November 10th, 5:00pm
Swift Hall, Room 201

“An Introduction to the CEDAR Project

By Dr. Sarah Yardney

CEDAR Research Specialist
University of Chicago


Thursday, December 1st, 5:00pm
Swift Hall, Room 201

“Aaron’s Muted Silence: the Effacement of Self and Intimacy as the Cornerstone of Divine Service in P”

By Aslan Cohen Mizrahi

PhD Candidate, The Divinity School
University of Chicago

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