Drosophila larval videos

Check out Ellie’s YouTube channel for lots of larval crawling videos!!!

eNeuro atlas

As a post-doc Ellie helped to develop a 3D atlas of individual Drosophila neurons, called the ‘eNeuro’ atlas. The eNeuro atlas established neuronal identities, molecular markers, and tools for manipulating over 60% of nerve cord interneurons. In addition, it provides a framework into which decades of work in neuro-development can be integrated (e.g., cell lineage, gene expression patterns), and it will facilitate systematic analysis of the principles underlying neural circuit assembly.

Video protocols

Check out our own Katie Bell demonstrating an L1 Drosophila larva brain dissection.

Video protocol describes how to use a linear agarose channels to study Drosophila larval crawling behavior.

Information about NB3-3 lineage

Figure 1 Wang et al., 2022



Figure 2 Wang et al., 2022Figure 2 Wang et al., 2022