So much to celebrate!

Summer 2022

  • 2022 CSHL course: Drosophila Neurobiology: Gene, Circuits & Behavior. Ellie- Lecturer/Lab Coordinator; Jake and Deeptha- TAs
  • 2022 UCSB KITP QBio summer research course: Neurophysics of Motion. Ellie- Instructor; Marie- TA
  • Zarion re-appointed to Dev Bio training grant
  • Yiqin graduates UChicago with research Honors Thesis from Heckscher Lab
  • Bianca gets a NESSTP summer fellowship
  • Wang et al., “Sequential addition of neuronal stem cell temporal cohorts generates a feed-forward circuit in the Drosophila larval nerve cord” published in eLife

Spring 2022

  • Julia Meng wins the CMB program best PhD thesis award
  • Jake is awarded an NRSA graduate fellowship
  • Sam Swank, DRSB graduate student rotation
  • Brandon Chew, CMB graduate student rotation
  • Yiqin Gao graduates UChicago with senior honors thesis from Heckscher lab

Winter 2022

  • Annika Sharma, CON graduate student rotation
  • Casey Dubose, CMB graduate student rotation
  •  Zarion Marshall publishes ‘The role of even-skipped in the Drosophila larval somatosensory circuit assembly’ in eNeuro

Fall 2021

  • Julia Meng gets honorable mention for the Elkins Award (best thesis) at Neurobiology of Drosophila, CSHL meeting

Summer 2021

  • Juan Zuniga graduates from UChicago with thesis from Heckscher Lab
  • Zarion Marshall is put on the Developmental Biology training grant
  • Bianca Campari, DNUFO summer undergraduate researcher
  • Yiqin Gao, undergraduate summer researcher

Spring 2021

  • Marie Greaney and Maxime Lehman win the best presentation prize at the 2021 CNRS-Chicago symposium.
  •  Julia Meng is accepted for a post-doc in the David Lyons lab at University of Edinburgh
  • Yiqin Gao is accepted into the Neuroscience Honors Program
  • Juan Zuniga graduates from UChicago with senior thesis for Neuroscience done in Heckscher lab
  • Zarion Marshall joins the lab (CON graduate program)
  • Conor Lee-Smith, CMB Graduate Student Rotation
  • Talia Friedman, undergraduate joins the lab

Winter 2021

  • Marie Greaney gets an NRSA F31 Fellowship
  • Julia Meng  publishes her review article: Development of Motor Circuits. Meng JL, Heckscher ES (2021). Current Topics in Developmental Biology. Special issue on Neural Development, Greg Bashaw editor. Elsevier. 142:409-442
  • Rio Salazar, CMB Graduate Student Rotation
  • Anali Migueles, DRSB Graduate Student Rotation

Fall 2020

  • Deeptha Vasudevan, post-doctoral researcher, joins the lab
  • Zarion Marshall, CON Graduate Student Rotation

Summer 2020

  • Jake Henderson selected for the Developmental Biology Training Grant for a second year
  • Hannah Carr graduated from UChicago having done a thesis in Heckscher Lab
  • Yiqin Gao awarded BSCD Summer Research Fellow
  • Juan Zuniga awarded a Metcalf Summer Fellow
  • Yi-wen Wang, PhD leaves the lab for a new job in Taiwan
  • Zarion Marshall leaves the lab to become a UChicago Committee on Neuroscience graduate student in the fall.

Spring 2020

  • Meng et al., “Temporal transcription factors determine circuit membership by permanently altering motor neuron-to-muscle synaptic partnerships” is published in eLife
  • Hannah Carr graduates from UChicago and is accepted at UChicago Pritzker School of Medicine.
  • Sean Corcoran, DRSB Graduate Student Rotation (socially-distanced)
  • Juan Zuniga, UChicago undergraduate, joins lab
  • Yaa Asante, UChicago undergraduate, joins lab

Fall 2019

  • Julia Meng et al., “How prolonged expression of Hunchback, a temporal transcription factor, re-wires locomotor circuits” published in eLife

Summer 2019

  • Jake Henderson (DRSB graduate student) joins to the lab
  • Jake Henderson selected for the Developmental Biology Training Grant
  • Elise Paniel graduates with MS from University Paris, Diderot
  • 2019 CSHL course: Drosophila Neurobiology: Gene, Circuits & Behavior. Ellie- Lecturer/Lab Coordinator; Marie and Yi-wen- TAs
  • Hannah Carr awarded International REU Program Fellow
  • Omar Kassem awarded a Odyssey Scholar and Summer Fellow
  • Yiqin Gao awarded a Developmental Neurobiology Undergraduate Fellow

Spring 2019

  • Marie Greaney gets honorable mention for an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
  • Alden Hererra graduates from UChicago
  • Anthony Osuma, CON Graduate Student Rotation

Winter 2019

  • Jake Henderson, DRSB Graduate Student Rotation
  • Rosteen Mansouri-Rad, CON Graduate Student Rotation

Fall 2018

  • Yi-wen Wang (post-doc) joins  the lab
  • Heckscher lab R01 officially starts!
  • Marie Greaney, PhD candidate in Committee on Neuroscience, joins the lab.
  • Elaine Kushkowski, DRSB Graduate Student Rotation
  • Marie Greany gets the Pritzker Neurobiology graduate fellowship

Summer 2018

  • UChicago undergrads, Annie Ullyot and Noah Brookes, join the lab.
  • Alden Herrera and Hannah Carr get DNUFO summer fellowships
  • 2018 CSHL course: Drosophila Neurobiology: Gene, Circuits & Behavior. Ellie- Lecturer/Lab Coordinator; Julia Meng – TA.
  • Katie Bell graduates from UChicago with BS having done a thesis in the Heckscher Lab

Spring 2018

  • Julia Meng gets an  NSF GRFP graduate fellowship.
  • Julia Meng gets re-selection for MGCB training grant
  • Elise Paniel joins the lab
  • Katie Bell will attend graduate school at USC in the fall
  • Grace Schultz, DRSB Graduate Student Rotation
  • Erica Mezias, CON Graduate Student Rotation

Winter 2018

  • Marie Greaney, CON Graduate Student Rotation
  • Khoi Nguyen, DRSB Graduate Student Rotation

Fall 2017

  • Meike Lobb-Rabe, CMB Graduate Student Rotation
  • Julia Meng is selected to the MCB training grant
  • Julia Meng gives talks at Drosophila Neurobiology Meeting, at Cold Spring Harbor and at the UChicago Molecular BioSciences Retreat

Summer 2017

  • Julia Meng, CMB Graduate Student joins the lab
  • Hannah Carr, Odyssey Summer Fellowship
  • Machiah Gill, University of Miami Undergraduate, Summer Project
  • Luis X. de Pablo, University of Chicago Lab School, Science Summer Link
  • Alden Herrera, U Chicago Undergraduate joins the Heckscher Lab

Spring 2017

  • Johnathon Hall, CMB Graduate Student Rotation
  • Ellie is featured in The Atlantic article “Fly larvae help scientists understand and treat diseases. An Object Lesson” by Robin Tricoles
  • Wreden et al., 2017 “Temporal cohorts of lineage-related neurons perform analogous functions in distinct sensorimotor circuits” published in Current Biology

Winter 2017

  • Julia Meng, CMB Graduate Student Rotation
  • Roy Morgan, CMB Graduate Student Rotation
  • Hirono et al., 2017 , “The Hunchback temporal transcription factor establishes, but is not required to maintain, early-born neuronal identity” published in Neural Development

Fall 2016

  • Harry Feng, DRSB Graduate Student Rotation
  • Hannah Carr, U Chicago Undergraduate joins the Heckscher Lab
  • Anthony DiGiovanni, U Chicago Undergraduate joins the Heckscher Lab
  • Sun and Heckscher 2016, “Using linear agarose channels to study Drosophila larval crawling behavior” published in JoVE

Summer 2016

  • Wanhao Chi, GGSB Graduate Student Rotation
  • Katie Bell, U Chicago undergraduate joins the Heckscher Lab
  • Zarion Marshall joins the lab as Technician
  • Clark et al. 2016 “Functional genetic screen to identify interneurons governing behaviorally distinct aspects of Drosophila larval motor programs” published in G3

Winter 2016

  • Xiao Sun, DRSB Graduate Student Rotation

Fall 2015

  • Chris Wreden, Ph.D. joins Heckscher lab as a Research Assistant
  • Heckscher Lab opens in CLSC 915!