Methodological papers in PDF form for the period 2020-present in reverse chronological order.


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  • Gill, N. & Hedeker D. (2023).  Fast estimation of mixed-effects location-scale regression models. Statistics in Medicine, 42:1430-1444.  pdf file


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  • Ma, Q. Mermelstein, R. & Hedeker, D. (2022).  A shared-parameter location-scale mixed model to link the responsivity in self-initiated event reports and the event-contingent Ecological Momentary Assessments.  Statistics in Medicine, 41:1780-1796.  pdf file
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  • Nordgren, R., Hedeker, D., Dunton, G., & Yang, C.-H. (2020).  Extending the mixed-effects model to consider within-subject variance for Ecological Momentary Assessment data.  Statistics in Medicine, 39:577-590. pdf file