Please join the Historical Capitalisms Workshop on Tuesday, November 28, from 5 to 6:30 PM, in the Social Science Research Building, room 401This meeting will be held as a joint session with the Money, Markets, and Governance Workshop.


In this session we’ll discuss a chapter from Robert Meister’s forthcoming book:




Robert Meister | Professor of Social and Political Thought, History of Consciousness, UCSC  




*Please note the unusual location: Social Sciences 401*


We kindly request that participants read the paper in advance


Refreshments will be served


Abstract: This chapter proposes that we consider historical justice dynamically as, itself, an option that has a present value even when it can’t be exercised. In describing historical justice as an option, I’m saying that past injustice confers what financial economists would call a conditional (or “state-contingent”) right to “put” the past injustice back to its present beneficiaries at a price above its market value at the time the put is exercised. Drawing on deliberately politicized interpretations of financial theory and technologies, and of the U.S. government’s interventions during and following the financial crisis of a decade ago, the paper argues that advocates for greater justice should not dismiss technologies of finance merely because they notice their dependence on the government, but rather leverage this to fact to political advantage. The question of historical justice can be reanimated for our time by focusing attention on the social machinery by which unequal wealth is preserved and accumulated.


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