Winter 2018 Schedule

11th January Mannat Johal (PhD Student, Anthropology) “Ceramics in the archive, ceramics as archive: Thinking with pots and their fragments in ‘medieval’ India” Discussant: Emma Gilheany
18th January Jim Johnson (Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Copenhagen) “The Political Lives of Inorganic Bodies? Biopolitics, Pottery and Social Change in the Bronze Age Eurasian Steppe, 2100 – 900 BC”
8th February Joana Konova (PhD Student, Art History) “Reuse of Ancient Sculpture in Late Renaissance Rome”
15th February Meredith Chesson (Associate Professor, University of Notre Dame) “The Materiality of Homemaking in EBA III Numayra, Jordan”
22nd February Emily Boak (Heritage Analyst, Oriental Institute) “Imperial Eyes Over Afghanistan”
8th March Sandy Hunter (PhD Student, Anthropology) “Investigating Labor and Consumption in Colonial Cusco: An NSF Proposal”