IAW Call for Proposals 2021-2022

The Interdisciplinary Archaeology Workshop is now accepting submissions for the 2021-2022 academic year!

Fall quarter deadline: September 10, 2021

Proposals accepted on a rolling basis for the Winter and Spring.

Looking for feedback on a conference paper, MA thesis, or dissertation chapter you’ve been working on? Have you been catching up on field reports and archival research over the past few months? The Interdisciplinary Archaeology Workshop is now accepting submissions for the 2021-2022 academic year.

This year, we will be exploring a theme of Transformations in Space and Time, engaging archaeological questions from perspectives of change, movement, mobility, and encounter. From the movement of people through a landscape to the transformation of statistical data, nothing in archaeology is ever truly static. We are asking for proposals that grapple with the questions and problems raised by archaeology’s dynamism. By bringing together archaeologists of diverse traditions, methodologies, and theoretical and regional foci, this year’s IAW will provide a space to bring fresh light to old questions, to ask new ones, and to push disciplinary boundaries.

We are pleased to offer several options for student presentations. While we are looking forward to returning to IAW in person in the Fall, we were delighted that last year’s virtual format made it possible for members of our UChicago archaeological community who were located outside of Chicago to participate in the workshop. Therefore, we will be offering the option for students to present their work virtually via Zoom if they would like. Please indicate your preference for a virtual or in-person session with your submission.

Students may opt for a presentation, pre-circulate a paper for discussion, or participate in the “Talking Behind Your Back” exercise created at the University of Minnesota. The “Talking Behind Your Back” exercise involves a discussion of the author’s work in which the presenter must listen without contributing, allowing them to understand the impact of their ideas on an interdisciplinary group of scholars. This format was introduced to IAW by last year’s coordinators and received positive feedback from presenters and attendees alike; we are excited to continue to offer it as an option in 2021-22! For more information, see the attached document.

If you are interested in presenting a paper or an ongoing analysis to IAW, please contact Anna Berlekamp (aberlekamp@uchicago.edu) and Dan Hansen (danrhan@uchicago.edu) with the following information:

Year in program
Paper title
Type of paper (e.g., dissertation chapter, MA paper, conference paper)
A short abstract or summary
The quarter(s) in which you are able to present (if more than one, please list your preferences in ranked order, and we will do our best to accommodate)
Preference for in-person or virtual setting

Additionally, please email us if you have suggestions for guest speakers for next year or would like to be added to the IAW listserv.

–        Anna and Dan