Fall 2019 Workshop Schedule

The Workshop on International Politics (WIP) serves as the center of scholarship on international politics at the University of Chicago. WIP has two specific missions: (1) creating and sustaining a vibrant community of scholars at the University of Chicago who are engaged in theoretically innovative, policy- relevant research on questions of international politics; and (2) helping graduate students learn professional and research skills to secure top positions at universities, think tanks, and governments after graduation. To achieve these missions, WIP brings together students and faculty from across the university for eight meetings per quarter to discuss papers from graduate students and speakers from other universities. A core feature of the workshop is the presentation of an original unpublished research paper, commonly a draft of a journal article or dissertation/book chapter. Presentations are followed by student-faculty dinners to continue the conversation. The workshop fills an important need in the study of international politics at Chicago, giving students opportunities to present and bringing a  wide array of leading international politics scholars and practitioners to Chicago.

The Workshop on International Relations will take place every Thursday during the Fall quarter from 3:30pm-5:30pm in Pick Hall 506, 5828 S University Ave.

Please refer to the schedule below for the full lineup of speakers for the Fall quarter.

Information on the specific workshops will be uploaded each week and if you’d like to sign up to list server to receive the workshop paper, please email elsygonzalez@uchicago.edu with the request.