Intersectionality & Public Health

Journal Club

Novemer 2020

  • Petteway, Ryan J. “LATENT//Missing: On Missing Values, Narrative Power, and Data Politics in Discourse of COVID-19.” Health Education & Behavior 47, no. 5 (2020): 671-676.
  • Bowleg, Lisa. “The problem with the phrase women and minorities: intersectionality—an important theoretical framework for public health.” American journal of public health 102, no. 7 (2012): 1267-1273.
  • Peek, Monica E., Fanny Y. Lopez, H. Sharif Williams, Lucy J. Xu, Moira C. McNulty, M. Ellen Acree, and John A. Schneider. “Development of a conceptual framework for understanding shared decision making among African-American LGBT patients and their clinicians.” Journal of general internal medicine 31, no. 6 (2016): 677-687.

Facilitated by Dr. Lawrence Brown, Director of the Black Butterfly Project


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Text excerpt as an image from Petteway (2020)
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