After several months of working with CBIS and Cardiology, the HIRO is pleased to announce it now has direct access to echocardiogram images! This will greatly improve the HIRO’s speed and efficiency when processing image data requests that include echocardiography exams.

HIRO users who have previously requested de-identified copies of echocardiograms for their research protocols may recall the necessity of obtaining a copy of the required scans from the Echo Lab on discs, which would often lead to long processing times. With direct access, the HIRO is now able to obtain copies of echocardiogram images directly from the Echo Lab archive — no discs needed! This will allow the HIRO to process image data requests for echocardiograms as part of its standard workflow, greatly improving our efficiency and putting turnaround times in line with requests for other types of imaging (like CT and MRI scans).

The HIRO would like to acknowledge and offer our heartfelt appreciation to CBIS and the folks in Cardiology IT for all their efforts and hard work to help set up this access. We know this improvement in HIRO efficiency will benefit both UCM researchers and clinical trial patients!