Dr. Gregory Karczmar, is featured in The Forefront, detailing his personal story and advocacy for early cancer screening.

Dr. Karczmar, has dedicated much of his career to developing better and more affordable screening methods for early detection of breast and prostate cancer. He received his colorectal cancer diagnosis during a routine colonoscopy in November 2017.

The Karczmar family, from left to right: Sasha, Kelly, Holly the dog, Greg, Oakley the dog, Allie and Maddie the dog, relaxing in front.

“Now as a cancer survivor, I have become a passionate advocate for cancer screening,” said Karczmar, 64. “I tell everyone: ‘get screened.’ Screening can find cancer earlier, when it’s more treatable and cure rates are higher.”

To learn more, continue reading at The Forefront, “Cancer researcher becomes cancer patient”.

A spadea highlighting Dr. Karczmar’s story and detailing the importance of early screening is set to be published in the Sunday, March 10 edition of the Chicago Tribune.