Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities

Applications for ISHum are reviewed on a rolling basis. Please see the Program Requirements page and the ISHum Application for information on applying.
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Because ISHum is an interdisciplinary major whose field of study encompasses all the offerings in the various departments and programs of the University (particularly in the Humanities Division), all substantive and methodology courses offered in these varied departments and programs are viable courses for the program. ISHum students may take any courses offered in the University that fit in with their program of study, provided these are approved by the ISHum College adviser and chair. In addition to the aforementioned courses that are grounded in particular fields of study, the program requires all ISHum students to take two courses that are related to the preparation of the BA paper:

ISHU 29802. The BA Colloquium. Required of third-year students who are majoring in ISHU. This zero-unit, noncredit course must be taken for P/F grading. To meet requirements for full-time student status, students must carry at least three additional courses while registered for this course. Spring.

ISHU 29900. Preparation of the B.A. Project. PQ: Consent of faculty adviser and ISHU chair. Students are required to submit the College Reading and Research Course Form. Autumn, Winter, Spring.

(More details of these two courses can be found on the ISHum Program Requirements page.)

Moreover, inasmuch as the ability to write clear, effective prose is part of the essential skill set required of the humanist endeavor, ISHum students are encouraged (but not required) to take a course on academic writing such as:

23000. The Little Red Schoolhouse (Academic and Professional Writing). (=ENGL 13000/33000) PQ: Third- or fourth-year standing. This course does not count towards the ISHU program requirements. May be taken for P/F grading by students who are not majoring in English. Materials fee $20. L. McEnerney, K. Cochran, T. Weiner. Winter, Spring.