Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities

Applications for ISHum are reviewed on a rolling basis. Please see the Program Requirements page and the ISHum Application for information on applying.
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ISHum Faculty

Since ISHum is an interdisciplinary major whose field of study encompasses all the offerings in the various departments and programs of the University (particularly in the Humanities Division), all faculty members of these varied departments and programs are related to ISHum. ISHum students may approach any University of Chicago faculty member who works in his or her field of interest with a request to serve as faculty adviser for the BA paper. Similarly, ISHum students may take courses with any faculty member from any department of the University.

Here are some faculty who have advised the BA papers of ISHum majors in the last several years:

Orit Bashkin (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)

Lauren Berlant (English Language and Literature)

David Bevington (English Language and Literature)

Adrienne Brown (English Language and Literature)

Margot Browning (Franke Institute for the Humanities)

Benjamin Callard (Philosophy)

Timothy Campbell (English Language and Literature)

E. Summerson Carr (Social Service Administration)

Heidi Coleman (Theater and Performance Studies)

Ryan Coyne (Divinity School)

Garin Cycholl (English, Creative Writing)

Rachel DeWoskin (Creative Writing)

Maud Ellmann (English Language and Literature)

Paul Friedrich (Anthropology, Linguistics, the Committee on Social Thought)

Leela Gandhi (English)

Judith Goldman (The College, Society of Fellows)

Matthew Jackson (Art History and Visual Arts)

Patrick Jagoda (English)

John Kelly (Anthropology)

Kimberly Kenny (Germanic Studies)

Laura Letinsky (Cinema and Media Studies, Visual Arts)

David Levin (Cinema and Media Studies)

Bruce Lincoln (Divinity School)

Armando Maggi (Romance Languages and Literatures)

Patchen Markell (Political Science)

Françoise Meltzer (Comparative Literature, Divinity School)

Daniel Morgan (Cinema and Media Studies)

Peter O’Leary (Creative Writing)

Wendy Olmsted (New Collegiate Division, Humanities)

Thomas Pavel (Romance Languages and Literature, Comparative Literature, Social Thought)

Jennifer Pitts (Political Science)

Dan Raeburn (Creative Writing)

Eric Santner (Germanic Studies)

Kristen Schilt (Sociology)

David Schutter (Visual Arts)

Susan Schreiner (Divinity School)

Bozena Shallcross (Slavic Languages and Literatures)

Michael Silverstein (Anthropology)

Herman Sinaiko (Humanities)

Malynne Sternstein (Slavic Languages and Literatures)

Matthew Teichman (Humanities)

Vu Tran (Creative Writing)

Ralph Ubl (Committee on Social Thought)

William Veeder (English Language and Literature)

Martha Ward (Art History)

Jennifer Wild (Cinema and Media Studies)

John Wilkinson (Creative Writing, English)

Scott Wolniak (Visual Arts)

Christopher Woods (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)

David Wray (Classics)