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Become the leading center for study and dialogue at the intersection of the Islamic tradition and biomedicine.


Directed by Aasim I. Padela, MD MSc, the Initiative seeks to:

  1. Improve the health of American Muslims by assessing how American Muslim patients’ health behaviors and healthcare experiences are shaped by Islam, and mobilizing that knowledge towards the development of evidence-based culturally-tailored mosque and healthcare system interventions.
  2. Provide the intellectual resources to assist Muslim patients, providers and chaplains and Imams to engage with modern medicine faithfully. Accordingly, we demarcate the field of applied Islamic bioethics by describing the discursive and methodological gaps in Islamic ethico-legal judgments (fatawa and qararat) and work together with Islamic authorities to set out theologically-rooted normative goals for contemporary biomedicine.


In the pursuit of our vision, the Initiative conducts scholarship, provides educational opportunities, and hosts events that bring together medical and social scientists, Islamic studies experts and traditional Islamic scholars for interdisciplinary dialogue and research. Together, these overlapping activities cultivate a community of experts who have a deep understanding of the Islamic tradition, modern bioethics, and contemporary biomedicine.

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