Working Group Session 1 Readings

  • Peruse the readings for this retreat located below
  • Please prepare your remarks for the assigned talks by reviewing the readings and/or your own sources; powerpoints or outline-notes of our talks are preferred so we each can have them (please send prior for me to copy and circulate or bring copies to the retreat)
Islam & Science Islamic Epistemology Islamic Theology & Cosmology
Bakar, The Importance of al-Ghazali and Ibn Rushd in the History of Islamic Discourse on Religion and Science Bakar, Ch2: The Question of Methodology in Islamic Science McGinnis, Ch6: Metaphysics I: Theology
Griffel, Ch5: Cosmology in Early Islam Bakar, Ch4: The Unity of Science and Spiritual Knowledge: The Islamic Experience  
Griffel, Ch7: Knowledge of Causal Connection is Necessary Guessoum, Ch2: The Qur’an and its philosophy of knowledge/science  
Griffel, Ch8: Causes and Effects in the Revival of the Religious Sciences Farooq, Ch6: Islamic Fiqh (Law) and the Neglected Empirical Foundation  
Al-Attas, Ch3: Islam and the Philosophy of Science Shaham, Ch1: Between a Witness, a reporter, and a Judge: The Probative Status of the Expert  
Guessoum, Ch6: Islam and Cosmology Leaman, Ch3: Knowledge  
McGinnis, Ch3: Natural Science Hardy, Ch14: Epistemology and Divine Discourse  
McGinnis, Ch9: Medicine and the Life Sciences Stearns. The Legal Status of Science in the Muslim World in the Early Modern Period  
  Guessoum, Kalam’s Necessary Engagement with Modern Science  
  Bakar, Ch2: Al-Farabi’s Psychology in Its Relation to the Hierarchy of the Sciences  
  Bakar, Ch3: The Methodological Basis of the Hierarchy of the Sciences  
  Bakar. Ch4: The Ontological and the Ethical Bases of the Hierarchy of the Sciences  
  Bakar, Ch6: Classification and Description of the Philosophical Sciences  
  Bakar, Ch9: Al-Ghazaali’s Classification of the Sciences  

Optional Readings

Islam & Science Islamic Epistemology The Soul Islam & Neuroethics
Iqbal, Ch4: Islam and Science Nexus Bakar, Ch1: Religious Consciousness and the Scientific Spirit in Islamic Tradition    
Yalcinkaya, Science as an ally of religion: a Muslim appropriation of ‘the conflict thesis’ Bakar, Ch3: The Place of Doubt in Islamic Epistemology: al-Ghazzali’s Philosophical Experience    
McGinnis, Ch2: Logic and Science Bakar, Ch8: Al-Ghazaali’s Classification of Seekers After Knowledge