Working Group Session 2 Readings

  • Peruse the readings for this retreat located below
  • Please prepare your remarks for the assigned talks by reviewing the readings and/or your own sources; powerpoints or outline-notes of our talks are preferred so we each can have them (please send prior for me to copy and circulate or bring copies to the retreat)
Islam & Science Islamic Epistemology Islamic Theology & Cosmology Concepts of Health and the Ends of Medicine Pellegrino & Thomasma, A Philosophical Basis of Medical Practice Classification of Sciences
Griffel, Chp6: The Seventeeth discussion of the Incoherence of the Philosophers Furber, Reducing the Role of Decision-Making Biases in Muslim Responsa McGinnis, Chp 7: Metaphysics II Cosmology Henry, Moving Beyond Evidence-Based Medicine Chp1: Medicine and Philosophy Branches of Science
Bakar, Chp6: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Islamic Medicine Bakar, Chp1: Religious Consciousness and the Scientific Spirit Weiss, The Search for God’s Law: Islamic Jurisprudence in the Writings of the Sayf Al-Din Al-Amidi Hofman, Simplified Models of the Relationship Between Health and Disease Chp2: A Philosophical Method Borner, Design and Update of a Classification System: The UCSD Map of Science 
  Bakar, Chp2: The Question of Methodology in Islamic Science   Leblond, An Epistemology for Clinical Medicine Chp3: What is Medicine Howick, Introduction to Study Design 
  Bakar, Chp3: The Place of Doubt in Islamic Epistemology   Noghabi, Health Hybrid Concept Analysis in Old People Chp4: Critique of Medicine Mahtani, Randomised Controlled Trials
  Bakar, Chp4: The Unity of Science and Spiritual Knowledge   Simmons, Health: A Concept Analysis Chp5: Ontology of Body Mickan, Systematic Reviews 
      Smith, In Search of Health Chp6: The Anatomy of Clinical Judgements Oxman, Users’ Guide to the Medical Literature: How to get started
      Sulmasy, A Biopsychosocial-Spiritual Model for the Care of Patients at the End of Life Chp7: Discretionary Space in Professional Judgement Thompson, Appraising Diagnostic Studies
      Bishop, Prelude: The Anticipatory Corpse Chp8: A Philosophical Reconstruction of Medical Morality Howick, Ethics and Evidence-Based Healthcare
      Kass, Regarding the Ends of Medicine and the Pursuit of Health   Heneghan, Evidence-Based Practice 
      Groopman, How Doctors Think: Introduction    
      Groopman, Chp1: Flesh-and-Decision-Making    
      Groopman, Chp6: The Uncertainty of the Expert    
      Groopman, Chp9: Marketing, Money, and Medical Decisions    
      Groopman, Epilogue    
      De Vries, The Uses and Abuses of Moral Theory in Bioethics    

Optional Readings

Islam & Science Islamic Epistemology Islamic Theology & Cosmology Concepts of Health and the Ends of Medicine Islam and Modernity: Key Issues and Debates
Hamdy, Muslim Medical Ethics: Rethinking Islamic Legal Ethics in Egypt’s Organ Transplant Debate   Emon, Natural Law: A Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Trialogue: Islamic Natural Law Theories Sulmasy & Sugarman, Chp1: The Many Methods of Medical Ethics Moosa, Chp6: Colonialism and Islamic Law
Sachedina, Muslim Medical Ethics: Defining the Pedagogical Parameters of Islamic Bioethics   Opwis, Islamic Law and Legal Change: The Concept of Maslaha in Classical and Contemporary Legal Theory   Salvatore, Chp7: The Reform Project in the Emerging Spheres
        Zaman, Chp8: The Ulama and Contestations on Religious Authority
        Masud, Chp9: Islamic Modernism