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Your support enables us to carry out innovative Muslim health research, educate clinicians, students, and community members in Islamic bioethics, and convene workshops and conferences on Islam and biomedicine. Together, these overlapping activities

1) improve the health and healthcare experiences of American Muslims

2) cultivate a community of experts with a deep understanding of the Islamic tradition, modern bioethics, and contemporary healthcare. 


Hear from renowned scholars, academics, physicians, chaplains, and community leaders about II&M’s impact on  their respective fields.

Ingrid Mattson, PhD

Huron University College
“I have a lot of hope for this Initiative on Islam and Medicine at Chicago. I would love to see it grow. I think it’s critical that we have a much more robust ongoing and sustaining program in this area.”

Mufti Mohammed Zubair Butt

Chair, Al-Qalam Shariah Scholars Panel
Senior Advisor on Islamic Law 
Institute of Islamic Jurisprudence, Bradford 

“The II&M and the works of Dr. Aasim Padela in particular is much needed initiative in an area of inquiry wherein Muslim voices have only recently begun to emerge. As someone who has maintained an interest in Islamic biomedical ethics for nearly twenty years, I am acutely aware of the dearth of authoritative resources that marry Islamic tradition with bioethics. The II&M attempts to do this.

Ermin Sinanovic, MA,PhD

International Institute of Islamic Thought

I have been following II&M for several years and I am looking forward to many years of outstanding research contributions to our understanding of contemporary Islam and its place in relation to modern scientific knowledge.

Fatema Mirza, MBA,MPA

Worry Free Clinic
II&M is that necessary light of knowledge in today’s dungeon of information darkness that shows us the path of human race survival. We

need the answers to deal with the future questions of ethics, morality & simply to know where the line between right & wrong must be drawn, if the human race is to survive. II&M is the timely opportunity for all of us to contribute, in our own ways, towards our own future.

Mawlana Bilal Ali Ansari

Academic Advisor
Liaison, Department of Hadith
Darul Qasim

It is an absolute joy to observe the manifestation of a dream of ulama-practitioner collaboration thanks to the Initiative on Islam and Medicine.

Sohaib Sultan, MA

Chaplain, Princeton University

“The II&M is a critically important project that the Muslim community in America needs to support. It will offer much needed guidance on medicine and ethics in hospitals, medical professions, and chaplains. This Initiative is the next step we need to take in providing compassionate and ethical care to patients. There is no one better than Dr. Aasim Padela to lead this effort.”

Faisal Qazi, DO

Associate Professor of Neurology, Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine
President, Medical Network Devoted to Service (MiNDS) 
The II&M has undertaken a critical study of intersecting medical and Islamic religious concepts with a serious focus on applications for patients and health practitioners alike. The rapidly evolving clinical solutions to a myriad of medical conditions has raised many ethical and moral questions in the minds of the community and II&M is poised to make significant inroads in addressing these questions.”

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