Italian Language Program

A Roman guy in Syria, a Sardinian in Ukraine, the history of word puzzles between New York and Milan, an imaginary Venice… Italian comics, from memoir to graphic reportage, often alternate between the local and the global, combining a highly personal sense of place and use of language with an international outlook. What happens when these works are translated? Jamie Richards, literary translator and independent scholar, will survey the contemporary Italian scene through a discussion of her work translating contemporary cartoonists like Igort, Zerocalcare, Manuele Fior, Paolo Bacilieri, and others.

Jamie Richards is the translator of over forty comics and graphic novels from Italian and Spanish and books by contemporary Italian writers like Viola di Grado, Ermanno Cavazzoni, and Igiaba Scego. A 2021 NEA fellow, she holds an MFA in Literary Translation from the University of Iowa and a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Oregon. Currently, she is a translator-in-residence at the University of Iowa.

More information can be found at this link.

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