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Informazione in TV
  • Rai Play: Rai is the Italian state TV. It has three channels: Rai 1 (institutional events, popular TV programs, Italian TV series for adults); Rai 2 (information and Italian TV series and soap operas); Rai 3 (cultural programs, documentaries). Unfortunately, not all programs are available in the US. You might need a VPN.
  • Mediaset play: Mediaset is the most important, free, private television. It has three channels: Canale 5 (family audience: imported movies, game shows, talk shows, and realities); Italia 1 (young audience: American cartoons and anime, imported movies, American TV shows); Rete 4 (older audience: talk shows for older people, classic movies). Unfortunately, not all programs are available in the US. You might need a VPN.
  • La7: this is a channel of news, information, and talk shows that is completely free (you don’t need VPN). You can watch the live streaming or rewatch episodes of various programs. This is LA7 newscast dedicated site.
Informazione sui giornali
  • Il Postone of the most active newspapers with a vibrant community on Instagram too. You can listen to some of their podcasts for free. I would suggest Francesco Costa, who is the vice-director and an expert in US politics.
  • Open: founded by one of the most important Italian anchormen, Enrico Mentana, it’s an online newspaper. On Instagram too.
  • Huffpostthe Italian edition. On Instagram too (various news of current events).
  • FanpageOn Instagram too (various news of current events). Their Youtube channel is quite rich too.

Other important Italian newspapers are Il Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, La Stampa, Il Foglio.*

*If you become a member of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Chicago, you have access to their digital library, where you can read these newspapers for free.

Informazione sui social media

@Torcha motto is “teniamo i cervelli accesi” (“let’s keep our brains on”) – in fact, in Italian, “torcia” (different spelling, same sound) means “flashlight”.

“Every day we tackle current events with a focus on economics and politics, without being afraid to cover uncomfortable topics. The goal is to present information to you as comprehensively as possible, so that you have the tools to make your own mind up. Our language is immediate and easy but never simplistic.”

Will Media – di Alessandro Tommasi
Active on all social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, etc.), Will Media discusses issues of politics and current affairs. Its target audience are mainly people under 35.

They say: “Will is first and foremost a community of users and companies aware of their impact on the future and aims to include anyone who wants to take part in the construction of a more equitable, sustainable, data-driven society with a strong economic engine.” Follow them @will_ita.– di Francesco Cancellato
As an online magazine, Fanpage’s articles are available on its website, Instagram, and Youtube. Fanpage is active in investigative journalism with reportages and exposés.

On Youtube, Francesco Cancellato and Saverio Tommasi usually record very clear and interesting videos. One advantage: these videos usually have embedded closed captions (in Italian) so they can be listened to and read at the same time!

@factanza main platform is Instagram, where the account publishes posts on various social, cultural, and political issues.

They say: “We believe that providing the information is a great responsibility and that reaching as many people as possible is fundamental. That’s why Factanza was born on social media and tries day after day to make information attractive, clear, and accessible”. Don’t forget to save their posts!

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