Latest research

Yu JY and Frank LM (2021) Prefrontal cortical activity predicts the occurrence of nonlocal hippocampal representations during spatial navigation. PLOS Biology

Hippocampal-cortical interactions

Yu JY, Liu D, Loback A, Grossrubatscher I and Frank LM (2018) Specific hippocampal representations are linked to generalized cortical representations in memory. Nature Communications 9(1):2209

Yu JY, Kay K, Liu D, Grossrubatscher I, Loback A, Sosa M, Chung JE, Karlsson MP, Larkin MC and Frank LM (2017) Distinct hippocampal-cortical memory representations for experiences associated with movement versus immobility. eLife 6:e27621

Yu JY, Frank LM (2015) Hippocampal-cortical interaction in decision making. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory 117: 34-41.

Genetic tools

Pettibone JR, Yu JY, Derman RC, Faust TW, Hughes ED, Filipiak WE, Saunders TL, Ferrario CR, Berke JD (2019) Knock-in rat lines with Cre recombinase at the dopamine D1 and adenosine 2a receptor loci. eNeuro 6 (5).

Yu JY, Pettibone JR, Guo C, Zhang S, Saunders T, Hughes E, Filipiak W, Zeidler M, Bender K, Hopf F, Smyth C, Kharazia V, Kiseleva A, Davidson T, Frank LM and Berke JD (2018) Knock-in rats expressing Cre and Flp recombinases at the Parvalbumin locus. bioRxiv doi:

Genetic circuit dissection

Yu JY, Kanai M, Demir E, Jefferis GSXE and Dickson BJ (2010) Cellular organization of the neural circuit that drives Drosophila courtship behavior. Current Biology 20, 1602-1614

Cachero S, Ostrovsky AD, Yu, JY, Dickson BJ and Jefferis GSXE (2010) Sexual dimorphism in the fly brain. Current Biology 20, 1589-1601

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