“Governance and Development” (with Jean-Marie Baland, University of Namur, and Karl-Ove Moene, University of Oslo) (2010) in Dani Rodrik and Mark Rosenzweing eds. The Handbook of Development Economics, Volume 5, North Holland; Amsterdam, pp. 4597-4656.

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Governance and Development

In this chapter, we discuss whether or not “governance” is an important source of variation in development experiences. We draw four main conclusions. First, governance is best thought of a subset of “institutions” and as such emphasis on governance is consistent with much recent academic work. Nevertheless, governance is a quite vague rubric which is difficult to unbundle. Second, the governance of a society is the outcome of a political process and as such is closely related to the literature on the political economy of development. Third, improving governance necessitates understanding the nature of the entire political equilibrium. Finally, an important research frontier is understanding the forces that create or impeded endogenous changes in governance.