James A. Robinson

Reverend Dr. Richard L. Pearson Professor and University Professor; Institute Director of The Pearson Institute


Rule of Law Day 

Rule of Law Centre | University of Helsinki, 2023/10/26

James Robinson on why countries are poor.

Svenska Dagbladet, 2023/10/02

“The story never ends, it always continues.” The reflections of the author of “Why Nations Fail” on Democracy Day

CNN Portugal with João Póvoa Marinheiro, 2023/09/16

Political Economy and Development

VoxDevTalks with Tim Phillips, 2023/09/20

Endgame with Gita Wirjawan Podcast, 2023/5/5

El Colegio de México, 2023/4/11

James Robinson: “No creo que haya ninguna comparación entre el proceso en Chile y todos estos otros llamados gobiernos de izquierda”

El Mercurio, 2023/3/3


Premio Daniel Cosío Villegas en Ciencias Sociales a James A. Robinson

La Jornada, 2023/2/20


James A. Robinson: “Se necesitan instituciones que permitan la inversión y la innovación”

El Heraldo, 2023/2/20


“Colombia podría ser como EE. UU. pero ‘instituciones no lo permiten'”

Portafolio, 2022/1/12


“Para dar el salto en ingresos, la sociedad chilena tiene que ser más inclusiva”

LT Pulso, 2022/10/23


The Future of Africa

New Books Network, 2022/3/15


Ucrania, el estrecho pasillo

El País, 2022/3/7


La aplicación selectiva de la ley es una parte crítica del problema en Argentina

Canal NET, 2022/2/25


La lógica argentina es que si sos presidente debés tener tu propia Corte Suprema

Perfil, 2022/2/18


Africa’s Latent Assets

Brookings Institution, 2022/2/16


President suggests a set of books to enlighten readers’ quest for knowledge

Associated Press of Pakistan, 2022/2/13


Sous l’arc-en-ciel de la gravité

Esprits animaux blog, 2022/1/26


Dan slams the door shut on freedom’s narrow corridor

Spectator Australia, 2021/11/27


Instituciones, la clave para evitar fracaso de las naciones

El Mundo, 2021/11/23


Generals and Rebels

The Signal, 2021/11/9


The Narrow Corridor: Why liberty is hard to get and even harder to keep

The Business Standard, 2021/10/22


Las protestas son cruciales para impulsar a América Latina

El País, 2021/10/16


Chile tiene desafíos, pero los puede resolver como nadie en Latinoamérica

El Mostrador, 2021/10/11


2021 Econometric Society Fellows

The Econometric Society, 2021/9/22


How states flail and fail: What Modi and Shah could learn from the Afghanistan tragedy

Scroll, 2021/9/17


James Robinson on the Origins of the Industrial Revolution

A Correction: A Podcast, 2021/9/2


Will America learn from Afghanistan? Doubtful.

CGTN, 2021/8/28


Afghanistan: the hard lessons of a ‘totally pointless’ action

Het Financieele Dagblad, 2021/8/21


James Robinson on What Makes a Successful State

Brave New World, 2021/8/19


¿El alto precio del bajo costo (histórico) de la rebelión en Colombia?

Huellas, 2021/8/14


Why the US needs public-private partnerships for digital infrastructure

The Hill, 2021/8/7


Catalyst Book Review: The Narrow Corridor

Catalyst, 2021/8/4


The narrow path to liberal democracy

The Washington Post, 2021/7/29


The best books to read to understand Africa

Shepherd, 2021/6/28


Colombia Protests

The Scholars’ Circle Podcast, 2021/6/13


Meritocracy, Not Democracy, Is the Golden Ticket to Growth

Bloomberg Opinion, 2021/5/16


A perfect storm: What’s behind the Colombia protests?

NBC News, 2021/5/12


‘Why Nations Fail’ – Institutions are Everything

Curious Worldview Podcast, 2021/5/11


David Miliband warns of “age of impunity” for despotic governments around the globe

MIT News, 2021/4/30


Africa’s latent assets

VoxEU, 2021/4/26


‘É preciso acordar todos os dias e ficar de olho no estado’, diz economista

CNN Brasil, 2021/4/26


En 400 Voces

Uninorte FM Estéreo, 2021/3/10


Why Trumpian Populism Failed

Project Syndicate, 2021/3/9


“Colombia está lista para abrirse a un nuevo espacio político”

Contexto, 2021/2/23


Poverty Alleviation in Developing Countries

CGTN America, 2021/2/20


George the Poet Q&A

New Statesman, 2021/2/17



How to save aid

Prospect Magazine, 2021/1/28


The State of Our Democracy

Not Another Politics Podcast, 2021/1/27


‘Why Nations Fail’ Authors On What The Capitol Riot Means For The Future Of The U.S.

NPR Morning Edition, 2021/1/22


Why Nations Fail, America Edition

NPR Planet Money, 2021/1/19


The Best Politics Books of 2020

Five Books, 2020/12/16


James Robinson & Daron Acemoglu

Conversation Six, 2020/11/23


Harris Professor James Robinson Speaks on Global Economic Inequality, the Legacy of Colonialism

The Chicago Maroon, 2020/11/16


Shackle It

Eurasia Review, 2020/11/5


Институты под угрозой: как растущее неравенство может изменить мир

ECONS, 2020/10/28


The unshackled Indian Leviathan

Times of India, 2020/10/26


Deadly incentives

AEA Research Highlights, 2020/10/26


Por qué algunas naciones tienen éxito y otras fracasan

BBC Mundo, 2020/10/24


Идеальное общество Трампа — это что-то вроде Гватемалы

Novaya Gazeta, 2020/10/19


Kapea käytävä demokratiaan

Helsingin Sanomat, 2020/10/18


For prosperity, Ethiopia needs institutional not individual strength

Ethiopia Insight, 2020/9/15


Paracracy to reduce economic disparity

The Pioneer, 2020/9/6


No country can risk a K-shaped recovery

Financial Express, 2020/9/7


Argentina Still Faces Uncertain Economic Future Despite Striking Debt Deal With Creditors

UrduPoint, 2020/8/13


Military Incentives Led To Civilian Deaths In Colombia, Study Finds

Forbes, 2020/8/6


COVID-19 Exploits Cracks In Chilean Society

NPR, 2020/7/2


The ‘Narrow Corridor’: How to steer democracy ahead

Daily FT, 2020/6/20


Institutions, Economic Growth and Democracy

Revista Libertalia, 2020/6/18


Fix NGO Leadership to Make Aid More Effective

Tolo News, 2020/6/10


America in Pain

The Express Tribune, 2020/6/9


National Security Laws in General Are Not a Problem. Hong Kong’s Is.

The Diplomat, 2020/6/5


Individual freedom and public health

Observer-Reporter, 2020/5/26


The Best Reason to Protect Workers From Covid-19

Bloomberg, 2020/5/4


To good effect

The Economist, 2020/4/30


James Robinson: The narrow corridor to liberty

Political Economy Podcast with James Pethokoukis, 2020/4/22


Xi Jinping to Remain: US Expert

The Eastern Link, 2020/4/22


Corona’s world tour in the guise of arrogant development

Khabarhub, 2020/4/3


Never the same again

The Statesman, 2020/4/1


A social distancing reading list

The Brookings Institution, 2020/3/27


Institutions, development economics, and modernization theory

Hoshimov Iqtisodiyoti, 2020/3/20


Required reading: These are the books top professors at the best business schools around the country are having their MBA students read

Business Insider, 2020/3/17


El pasillo estrecho

La Razón, 2020/3/16


Universal basic income needed against coronavirus’ economic damage!

RT, 2020/3/11


Fending for Ourselves

The Express Tribune, 2020/3/8


Does Anyone Really Know What Socialism Is? 

Freakonomics Podcast, 2020/3/4


Delhi violence: The price society pays for violence is immeasurable and enormous

Wio News, 2020/2/28


蔡總統分享書單 籲居家多讀書防疫一起來

CNA, 2020/2/25


國際名家專訪》國家崩潰研究權威羅賓森 沒好好處理病毒 會是翻轉中國政權的引信?

Business Weekly, 2020/2/20


For President’s Day, How About a “Shackled Leviathan”?

Psychology Today, 2020/2/16


Hong Kong’s Narrow Corridor To Revive Its Economy Depends On Defending Its Unique Identity

Forbes, 2020/2/14


Announcing the 2020 Lionel Gelber Prize Shortlist

Yahoo Finance, 2020/2/11



Readmoo, 2020/2/5


All the books Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talked about at Davos

Quartz, 2020/1/24


Der goldene Mittelweg

Der Tagesspiegel, 2020/1/21


Black China: Africa’s First Superpower Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

Newsweek, 2020/1/15


Hope for a new decade: State and society will find narrow corridor where both can be in balance

Financial Express, 2020/1/6


Amit Shah: The man who shook India up in 2019

Gulf News, 2019/12/26


The Shackled Leviathan and the Fate of Liberty

LA Progressive, 2019/12/26


Best Books of 2019: The Narrow Corridor

Competitive Enterprise Institute, 2019/12/19


In Colombia, the state is weak and society is weak; there’s a perverse balance

The Colombia Cast, 2019/12/18


Para diversificar la economía se deben mejorar las instituciones

Mañanas BLU, 2019/12/9


Why Some Nations Prosper and Others Fail

Big Brains Podcast, 2019/12/2


Paro en Colombia | “No creo que el país logre llegar a un consenso sobre cuál es su problema de fondo”: James Robinson, economista

BBC, 2019/11/27


Best Book of 2019: Economics

Financial Times, 2019/11/22


Crise en Haïti: le salut passe par une administration publique forte

The Conversation, 2019/11/20


Mamphela Ramphele: Freedom requires responsibility by all

News 24, 2019/11/19


I’m Professor James Robinson. Ask Me Anything!

Reddit, 2019/11/13


Nigeria, 30 Years After Berlin Wall

This Day, 2019/11/13


Liberty depends on a delicate balance between state and society

The Spectator, 2019/11/9


30 años de la caída del Muro de Berlín

rtve, 2019/11/8


The Policy Popularity Game

The Gist, 2019/11/6


Who Failed to Defend Ethiopians and Ethiopia?

Borkena, 2019/11/1


JHU IDEV Roundtable: A Conversation with James Robinson

JHU Perspectives, 2019/10/27


In a healthy democracy, power starts at the top – and the bottom

The Washington Post, 2019/10/25


Las palabras de Cecilia Morel reflejan que la élite chilena está muy desconectada de la gente

La Tercera, 2019/10/24


Harris Professor Discusses New Book and Society’s Political Dynamics

The Chicago Maroon, 2019/10/22


The Upside of Populism

Foreign Policy, 2019/10/19


How to Stem Ukraine’s Corruption

Project Syndicate, 2019/10/14


Democracy at a crossroads: Sri Lanka has not narrowed corridor of liberty but effectively blocked it

Daily FT, 2019/10/07


Insights and Views On Culture: Acemoglu & Robinson’s The Narrow Corridor

Premium Times, 2019/10/04


Las instituciones públicas son responsables de la pobreza de un país

Prensa Libre, 2019/9/30


The Narrow Corridor — the fine line between despotism and anarchy

Financial Times, 2019/9/26


Everywhere people are interested in liberty

Prospect Magazine, 2019/9/26


Why did Britain end up a democracy? And could it all fall apart?

The Pod Delusion, 2019/9/26


The Constitution Won’t Save American Democracy

Project Syndicate, 2019/9/24


The Good Fight

The Good Fight with Yascha Mounk Podcast, 2019/9/16


‘The Narrow Corridor’ is a work of staggering ambition on the tightwire act democracy requires

Newsweek, 2019/8/30


Istanbul Shows How Democracy Is Won

Project Syndicate, 2019/6/25


Extract to Fail?

RT, 2019/6/16


Rise up: Billy Bragg on books about holding power to account

The Guardian, 2019/6/1


How Do Populists Win?

Project Syndicate, 2019/5/31


Globalization and Sovereignties: The Challenge

La Repubblica, 2019/5/28


Fighting Poverty and Inequality: A Conversation with James Robinson

Harris News, 2019/4/18


The Perks and Perils of Having a State-Run Church

CATO Unbound, 2019/2/13


Why Nations Fail?

World Government Summit, 2019/2/10


US Backs Opposition Leader in Venezuela

Morning Wave in Busan, 2019/1/28


James Robinson Habla Sobre Las Instituciones en Venezuela

Contrafactual, 2019/1/25


Why Nations Fail

Matters of State Podcast, 2018/12/05


James Robinson on Why Nations Fail

Social Science Bites Podcast, 2018/12/03


Τζέιμς Ρόμπινσον στην «K»: Υπό απειλή η ανοιχτή κοινωνία

Lathimerini, 2018/10/15


Institutions and GRecovery

RG Connect Conference 18, 2018/10/06


Renewing Indigenous Economies

The Hoover Institution, 2018/09/24


Pearson Global Forum

Pearson Global Forum, 2018/08/05


State Capacity and Importance of Institutions

IDFC Institute, 2018/08/03


As inequality grows, so does the political influence of the rich

The Economist, 2018/06/21


James Robinson is about global economy and Ukrainian realities 

Радіо НВ, 2018/06/25


“En Colombia se conocen las buenas prácticas y no se implementan”

La República, 2018/06/09


Tal vez Chile se quede estancado por la naturaleza oligárquica de su sociedad

La Segunda, 2018/05/09


James Robinson: es sana la autocrítica de Chile

Pauta, 2018/05/04


Le gouvernement Haïtien doit indiquer la provenance des ressources qu’il compte utiliser, selon James A. Robinson

Le Nouvelliste, 2018/03/05


Democracy and economic growth: New evidence

VoxDev, 2017/12/15


“El problema es que en Colombia no creen que ser clientelista es malo”, James Robinson

La República, 2017/12/11


¿Cómo lo solucionaría usted?

Semana, 2017/12/17


William Riker Prize in Political Science goes to MIT’s Acemoglu and Chicago’s Robinson

University of Rochester Newscenter, 2017/11/07


El usted no sabe quién so yo

Semana, 2017/11/07
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Colombia: El Derrumbe Parcial

El Espectador, April 1, 2017


James Robinson #TrendingLíder360

Interview with La Silla Líder, Bogotá, Colombia.


Peace in Colombia? A View from San Andrés de Cuerquia

Hot Spots, Cultural Anthropology Online, April 30, 2015.


Land, Power and Policy

Keynote Address at the Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty, March 23, 2015, Washington D.C.


Chile Debe “Des-Oligarquizarse” si Quiere Llegar al Próximo Nivel de Desarrollo

Estrategia, Martes 24 de Marzo de 2015


Measuring Ethnic Identity in the Tropics: Evidence from the Implicit Association Test

VOX, 18 February 2015.


Colombia: ¿esta vez es diferente?

El Espectador, 18 DE ENE DE 2015


Notas desde Apartadó y Cartagena ¿Cómo modernizar a Colombia?

El Espectador, DOMINGO, 18 DE ENE DE 2015.


Why Nations Fail

TEDxAcademy Talk, Athens, September 27, 2014


Colombia: ¿Tercera Vía o Tercer Mundo?

El Espectador, Sunday August 10, 2014.
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Um país sem intocáveis

Interview with Brazilian Magazine, Veja, July 16, 2014.
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România văzută de un profesor de la Harvard

Lecture on Why Nations Fail at Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania, June 23, 2014.


Los súper poderosos de las ideas

Por: Juanita León, La Silla Vacía, Domingo, 2014-06-22.


Es necesario que Colombia abra la puerta a los cambios sociales

Interview with María Jimena Duzán, Semana, 15 al 22 Junio, 2014.


Falta de burocracia es un problema político, no hay solución tecnocrática

Interview, Miércoles 11 de junio del 2014 GESTIÓN, LIma, Perú.
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Imaginando y alcanzando una nueva Colombia

Article in El Espectador, May 25, 2014
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ANC Inside Business: Why Nations Fail

Interview with Coco Alcuaz, December 5, 2012.


Governments by and for a few must become inclusive, or risk collapse

Interview with Nick March, June 16, 2012, for The National, Abu Dhabi.


Colombia, una democracia de orangutanes con sacoleva

Interview with Camilo Jiménez Santofimio for the Colombian newsweek Semana, October 5, 2013.


Todavía subsiste el potencial para crear una sociedad más inclusiva

Interview with Eduardo Engel for the Chilean Think Tank Espacio Público, August 2, 2013.


James Robinson presenting Why Nations Fail

Lecture at the European School for Management and Technology organized by F. Fischer Verlag and the American Academy, with a discussion with Quentin Peel of the Financial Times., March 18, 2013


“Protestar es sano para una sociedad”: Académico de Harvard

Interview with Camila Zuluaga for El Espectador, 22 July, 2013.


Tanta desigualdad es corrosiva para la sociedad

Interview with Joseba Elola for El País, 4 June 2013


Profesor de Harvard explica por qué fracasan las naciones

Interview with María Isabel Rueda published in El Tiempo, 26 August 2012


Why Nation Fail on Hardtalk

James Robinson discussing Why Nations Fail on the BBC program Hardtalk with Stephen Sackur 13/7/2012


Debating the Rise and Decline of Civilizations

Debate between Jared Diamond, Niall Ferguson and James Robinson at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles, April 29, 2013


Why Nations Fail

by Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson