Upcoming meeting – Dec. 7th

Benjamin Thomas, Ph.D. candidate in Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East in the NELC department of the University of Chicago, will be presenting a paper entitled “Struggling with the Past, Present and Future:  The Idea of Prophecy in the Books of Kings.”

Swift Hall, room 403, @ 6pm.  Paper will be available for download shortly.

Upcoming Special Event – Nov. 16th

Prof. Steven Nadler, William H. Hay II Professor of Philosophy, of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will be presenting a paper entitled “Maimonides on Theodicy, Providence and Moral Luck.”

LOCATION: Swift Hall, room 403, @ 6 pm.

A CO-SPONSORED event.  Thanks to:

– Council for Advanced Studies

– The Chicago Center for Jewish Studies

Our First Event – Oct. 19th

Sarah Yardney, a 1st year Ph.D. student in Hebrew Bible at the University of Chicago Divinity School will be presenting a paper entitled “An Avatar of Torah: Deuteronomy’s Concept of the King in 17:14-20.”

The paper is now available for download.  Here:  Yardney JST_HB

The workshop will take place in Swift Hall, room 403, @ 6pm