Two Events this Week – Feb 22nd & Feb 26th

JST_HB Workshoppers,

We’ve got a busy week planned!

On Feb 22nd, Prof. Joel Baden, Yale University, will be presenting on “Jacob Came (Back) to Bethel: The Composition of Genesis 35.”  Monday, 6pm, Swift 403.


on Feb 26th* Prof. Moshe Rosman, Bar Ilan University, Yale University, will be presenting on “Jewish Books By For and About Women in the Early Modern Period.”   FRIDAY Feb. 26th, at 12pm.

In Minutia:

– Monday, Feb. 22nd, 6pm, Swift 403 – Prof. Joel Baden.

– * Friday, Feb. 26th, 12pm, Swift 200 – Prof. Moshe Rosman

Come on and come out and support the workshop and our guests!


Any questions or concerns about access or otherwise can be directed to me Erik Dreff

Event – Feb. 8th

On, Monday February 8th, we will be hosting Prof. Bernd Schipper of the University of Bremen, currently at Harvard University, in our workshop forum.

The paper for Prof. Bernd Schipper’s presentation on February 8th is available BY REQUEST ONLY.

Please send all requests for the paper to me, Erik Dreff:

Details:  MONDAY, FEB 8th. @ 6pm, Swift Hall, Room 403

Any questions or concerns regarding access or otherwise can be directed to Erik Dreff