Winter ’11 Schedule

JST_HB Workshoppers,

As it stands so far, below is our Winter ’11 schedule.*

Jan. 10th: Prof. Claire Sufrin, Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Northwestern University, “Martin Buber: Between Myth and History

Jan. 31st: Rick Moreno, UofChicago, “Theological Rendering in Modern Jewish Thought

Feb. 14th: Prof. Adam Ferziger, Bar Ilan University, “Ashes to Outcasts: Cremation and Jewish Identity Before and After the Holocaust

Feb. 21st: Prof. Jeffrey Stackert, Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible in the Divinity School, UofChicago, “Mosaic Prophecy and the Place of the Deuteronomic (D) Source in the Torah

Feb. 28th: Prof. Kenneth Seeskin, Philip M. and Ethel Klutznick Professor of Jewish Civilization and Chair of Religious Studies at Northwestern University, “Maimonides on Creation

As always, the events are on Mondays, @ 6pm in Swift Hall rm 403.

See you all there!

* – Subject to change


Any questions or comments regarding access or otherwise can be directed to the JST_HB Workshop coordinator at