Jewish Studies Workshop Schedule Spring 2022 


Monday, April 4

*Joint session with the Ancient Societies Workshop*

Exstasis and Exodus in the Interpretation of Philo of Alexandria

Dr. Arkady Kovelman (Professor, Head of the Department for Jewish Studies at Lomonosov Moscow State University)


Monday, April 18

Kinship,  Anti-Kinship, and a Tale of two Names: A Thematic Nexus joining Garden and Tower

Dr. Bruce Rosenstock (Professor, Department of Religion, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)


*Thursday*, April 28 (in-person)

Working Through Disbelief: The Vocal Communities of Kol Nidre

Dr. Ruth HaCohen (Artur Rubinstein Professor of Musicology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

**Please note that this session will be held in-person at 4:30 pm (location TBA)**


Monday, May 2

~Title TBA~

Matthew Johnson (PhD Candidate, Germanic Studies, University of Chicago)

**Please note that this session will be held at 2:00pm**

Monday, May 16

A Meeting Among Writers in the Wake of the 1967 War: Uncovering the Political through the Poetic Imaginary in Dahlia Ravikovitch and Mahmoud Darwish

Stephanie Kraver (PhD Candidate, NELC, University of Chicago)


Monday, May 23

~Title TBA~

Zavi Feldstein (MA Student, Divinity School, University of Chicago)


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