Didactic Learning

The didactic portion covers all 3 years of the program and involves:

  • Laboratory animal didactic lecture series: weekly
    • Two year series that is repeated year 3
      • Year 1: “Blue book”
      • Year 2: Regulations
    • Recaps of other year’s material included
    • Quarterly mock exams
  • Boards-oriented journal club: monthly
  • Pathology rounds: biweekly
  • Various other educational seminars: monthly-quarterly
  • Boards-oriented questions: daily chat
  • Resident study group with University of Illinois at Chicago: weekly

The goals are to:

  • Understand and interpret the laws regulations and guidelines for the humane care and use of animals in research
  • Learn basics of laboratory animal biology and diseases
  • Become prepared for the certifying examination of the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine

Independent Didactic Opportunities are also provided:

Year of Program



Attend Charles River Short Course


Take effective writing course on campus before writing manuscript


Attend CL DAVIS Foundation CLASS and POLA (Pathology of Laboratory Animals)


Attend North Carolina State Workshop in Lab Animal Medicine


Attend Laboratory Animal Medicine and Pathology Seminar with Mock-ACLAM Exam

If interested

Audit graduate level courses

If interested

Partake in soft skills training courses on campus