Language Pedagogy Innovation Initiative



The CLC, with support from the College, has launched a program to spur innovation in language teaching and testing at the University of Chicago. Read more here.


Embedding large video files in Canvas with Kaltura Media

If you have large video files, you have (at least) 3 options for getting them into Canvas: Upload them directly to Canvas like you would a PDF. Upload them to Box and insert a link within Canvas. Upload to Kaltura and embed within Canvas. Option 1 is undesirable...

Language Pedagogy Innovation Initiative

Supported by the College, the Language Pedagogy Innovation Initiative is spurring innovation in language teaching through language assessment literacy, proficiency-based testing, and reverse design. Instructors first attend workshops on language assessment aimed at...

Splitting a PDF using Preview on a Mac

As with most computer tasks, Macs have a secret ability that is hard to discover but very easy to use: creating a new, smaller PDF from a larger PDF. To do this, open the original PDF with Preview (usually the default PDF application for Macs). Once the file is open,...

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