Language Pedagogy Innovation Initiative



The CLC, with support from the College, has launched a program to spur innovation in language teaching and testing at the University of Chicago. Read more here.


Flash Player in Canvas

Having problems with a specific function in Canvas (like recording multimedia) or other websites? There's a good chance it's because of Flash. What's the problem? Adobe Flash was an innovator for creating and interacting with multimedia content on the web, but it has...

2017/2018 Student Employees

Please help us welcome these new student employees to the Language Center. Delaney Gold-Diamond I’m studying Political Science and Romance Languages & Literatures with a focus on Spanish. Spanish is the only language I’ve studied seriously, although I did briefly...

Fall 2017 Policies and Updates

Welcome back language instructors, LAs, and grad students! Here are some updates and reminders from the Language Center for Fall 2017. The typical hours for the Center will be 8am-8pm Monday-Thursday and 8am-5pm Friday. For security reasons, student employees may...

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