Winter 2016 Schedule

The Workshop on Late Antiquity and Byzantium is proud to announce our Winter 2016 schedule. All workshops unless otherwise noted will meet in CWAC 152 on Tuesdays at 4:30 PM.

**Unusual time** Wednesday, February 3, 4:30 pm – Alexander Beihammer will present “Byzantine-Turkish Coexistence, State Building, and the Emergence of Islam in Asia Minor in the Age of Alexios I (1081-1118)”

February 9 – Elena Boeck will present “Byzantine Beholders and Justinian’s Bronze Horseman in the Middle Byzantine Period”

**Unusual place and time** Wednesday February 24, 3:30 pm – John Hope Franklin Room SS224 – Anthony Kaldellis will present “The Byzantine Loss of Asia Minor in the Eleventh Century: Causes and Models.” (jointly held with the Ancient Societies Workshop)

March 1 – Jessica Mutter will present “Evolving Depictions of Religious Transformation in Eighth-Century Greater Syria” (jointly held with the Islamic Studies Workshop)

March 8 – Nathan Hardy will present “Portraying Prototypal Presence: The Image of Edessa as an Exemplum of ‘Presence’ in John of Damascus and the Narratio de Imagine Edessena”

**Unusual time** Wednesday, March 9, 4:30 pm – Deborah Deliyannis will present “Material Culture:  Late Antique or Early Medieval?”

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