LAHW Winter Schedule 2015

The University of Chicago

Latin American History Workshop, Winter 2015

(All Meetings in Kelly 114, Thursdays 4:30-6:00)


Jan. 15: Rogério de Souza Farias, CLAS Associate Member, University of Chicago

Paper: “Do You Wish to Marry Her? The Admission of Women in Brazilian Professional Diplomacy, 1918-1954”


Jan. 29 (Tentative—May Be Rescheduled): Diana Schwartz, PhD Candidate, Department of History

Paper: “Transforming the Tropics: Development, Displacement, and Anthropology in the Papaloapan, Mexico, 1940s-1970s”


Feb. 12: Matthew Nestler, MA, University of Chicago

Paper: “Rereading Freedom Letters: Slave Manumission in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 1832-1888”


Feb. 26: Karen Caplan, Associate Professor, Rutgers-Newark

Paper: “The Latin American Trade, the United States, and the Origins of Development, 1808-1830”


Mar. 12: Ian Read, Associate Professor, Soka University

Paper: “Brazil’s Era of Epidemics: How Disease Shaped a Nation”


All papers will be pre-circulated through our email list. Any questions or concerns, please email the workshop coordinator, Chris Gatto, at

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