Latin American History Workshop Autumn Schedule 2013


All meetings will be held at 4:30pm in Kelly 114 unless otherwise specified


October 3rd: Opening Reception with the

Workshop on Latin America and the Caribbean


October 10th: Ramón Gutiérrez, Professor of History

“Doña Teresa de Aguilera y Roche before the Inquisition:

The Travails of a 17th Century Aristocratic Woman in New Mexico”


October 17th: Tessa Murphy, Ph.D. Candidate, History

“The Treaty of Paris and the Transformation of the Lesser Antilles, 1763-1773”

(Note Time Change – 5:00pm)

Co-sponsored with Workshop on Latin America and the Caribbean


October 24th: María E. Balandrán-Castillo, Ph.D. Candidate, History

 “‘Estafabraceros’, Border Diplomacy and Migrant Protection, 1964-1974”


November 7th: Jesse H. Garskof, Professor of History, University of Michigan

“The Doctrina de Martí: Migration, Diaspora, and Antillean

Racial Politics in 19th Century New York”


November 21st: Dan Webb, Ph.D. Candidate, History

“The Causes and Consequences of the Abrogation of Article XI

of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo”


To be added to the listhost and receive a copy of the papers

please email María E. Balandrán-Castillo:


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