Population Health Study Community Report

Letter from the Founder

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

I write with gratitude for your support of the South Side Health & Vitality Studies, which began under the Urban Health Initiative at the University of Chicago. The Studies are conducted via a partnership between researchers and physicians at the University working with community practitioners and residents who care about health in the region. The South Side Population Health Study collected data on health, technology use, and use of community resources from participants on Chicago’s South Side. This report includes general findings from the South Side Population Health Study.

If you are interested in accessing the data from this study or would like more information on the work we do to help improve health on Chicago’s South Side, please call (773) 834-8534. We encourage you to review this report (above) and share it with your community members and other local organizations.

Thank you,

Stacy Tessler Lindau, MD, MAPP
Principal Investigator, South Side Health & Vitality Studies

September 29, 2023