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Feed1st would not be possible without the support of volunteers. The Feed1st Pritzker Medical Student Board is responsible for coordinating all Feed1st volunteers who stock the pantry sites, including other medical students, undergraduates, AmeriCorps volunteers, and others. The Board has four positions for M1s and up to one position for an M2 who has volunteered with Feed1st in the past. The M1 positions are President, Quality Assurance Lead, and two Volunteer Coordinators. M2’s serve as Advisors. The Board is self-nominated and members apply for the roles. Current Board members review the applications and share the best candidates with Feed1st staff at the Lindau Lab. Using a consensus process, invitations to join the Board are extended to the applicants. The process of selecting and training a new board begins annually in October/November. Medical students who do not join the board but are interested in volunteering with Feed1st join the roster of volunteers who stock the shelves and interact on the front line with pantry patrons. Undergraduates who are interested in volunteering join us through the UCM Hospital Volunteer program.

Feed1st Pritzker Medical Student Board 2024


Rishab Bhatt (M1)

Chair and Quality Assurance Lead

Varun Viswanath (M1)

Volunteer Coordinator

Hunter Richardson (M1)

Volunteer Coordinator

Olivia Christensen (M1)


Grace Li (M2)

Feed1st Volunteer Roster 2023

Zofia Caes (M1)

Priscilla Molina (M1)

Cassie Daisy (M2)

Alexis Monical (M1)

Saara-Anne Azizi (M4)

Matthew Ji (M4)

Ronald Barns (AmeriCorps)

Lily Latvek (AmeriCorps)

Alice Yen (AmeriCorps)

Pranav Jayakumar (AmeriCorps)

Marilyn Lee (AmeriCorps)

Naomi Popoolapade (AmeriCorps)

Zara Hashmi (AmeriCorps)

Trudy Beaubrun (Americorps)

Amanda Hill (Undergraduate)

Cathleen Chow (Undergraduate)

Dellara Sheibani (Undergraduate)

Dylan Zhou (Undergraduate)

Jordan Bilderbeek (Undergraduate)

Julia Mastracci (Undergraduate)

Nina Gong (Undergraduate)

Past Board Members and Volunteer Rosters

Volunteer with Us

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