Winter 2012 Schedule

**All meetings take place on Thursday at 4:30pm in Foster 305 unless otherwise noted.
**Papers to be read in advance will be circulated via listserv one week prior to the meeting.

January 12th – Robert Abbott, PhD Candidate in the Committee on Social Thought and Germanic Studies, “To Weep and Know Why: Rilke’s Duino Elegies and the Custom of Burial”

January 26th – Reading, Italo Calvino: “Philosophy and Literature” and “The Burning of the Abominable House”

February 9thTamar Abramov, Collegiate Assistant Professor in the Humanities, on Conrad’s “Secret Agent.”

Tuesday, February 21stDOC films screening of Nicholas Ray’s In a Lonely Place. (Note, this is not a workshop-sponsored event, but it is a nicely-timed way to see the film right before Professor Pippin’s discussion of it on Thursday)

February 23rd IN STUART 102Robert Pippin, Evelyn Stefansson Nef Distinguished Service Professor in the Committee on Social Thought and the Department of Philosophy, “Active and Passive Skepticism in Nicholas Ray’s In a Lonely Place” (please note that this meeting will take place in Stuart 102, not in the usual location; it will still take place at 4:30pm)

March 1st– Gerbert-Sylvestre Bouyssou, Université de Tours, “From Glory to Public Opinion, ‘reputation’ (doxa, δόξα) in Greek Antiquity”

March 8th – Mike Thomas, PhD Candidate in the Committee on Social Thought, “Whitehead, Borges, and the Fictional Nature of Concepts”

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