Winter 2013 Schedule

All meetings take place Thursday at 4:30pm in Foster 305 unless otherwise noted.

Papers to be read in advance will be circulated via listserv one week prior to the meeting.


Thursday, January 10: Jonathan Baskin, PhD Candidate in the Committee on Social Thought, “Untrendy Problems: Pale King’s Philosophical Inspirations” (treating David Foster Wallace)


Thursday, January 24: Birte Loschenkohl, Collegiate Assistant Professor, Social Sciences, “How to do things as a dilettante: hesitation, failure, and aesthetic repetition in Kierkegaard”


Thursday, February 7: Thomas Pavel, Gordon J. Laing Distinguished Service Professor in Romance Languages and Literature, Comparative Literature, the Committee on Social Thought, Fundamentals, and Creative Writing, “Shiny Stars, Silent Calls”


Thursday, February 21: Dhananjay Jagannathan, PhD Candidate in Philosophy, “On Making Sense of Oneself: Reflections on Julian Barnes’ The Sense of an Ending”


Thursday, February 28, in Foster 505: Berel Lang, formerly of Wesleyan University, author of Act and Idea in the Nazi Genocide (1990), The Anatomy of Philosophical Style (1990), Holocaust Representation: Art within the Limits of History and Ethics (2000), Philosophical Witnessing: The Holocaust as Presence(University Press of 2009), and other books, “Primo Levi as Philosopher”

Workshop to precede a documentary screening and discussion of Cinecittà Refugee Camp (for Italian Jews) with Italian director Marco Bertozzi and Noa Steimatsky (University of Chicago, Cinema and Media Studies), 7pm at the Logan Center for Performing Arts. Cosponsored with the Center for Jewish Studies.


Thursday, March 7: Close Reading, “How to Read Nietzsche: A literary-philosophical commentary on Beyond Good and Evil 296″ led by Christian Benne, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Syddansk Universitet, Odense.


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