Autumn 2019

Autumn 2019 Schedule

October 10. Luke Foster, Ph.D. Candidate, Social Thought, University of Chicago

“Separated Powers in Hamlet’s Soul: The Tragedy of Denmark”


October 17. Andrei Pop, Professor of Social Thought and Art History, University of Chicago

“Allegory and its Discontents” – Classics 21


November 7.Christy Monet, Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science, University of Chicago

“Russian Thinkers Redux: Uses of the Familial and the Pastoral in Ivan Turgenev’s Shakesperean Works”


November 21. David Williams, Ph.D. Candidate, Classics and Social Thought, University of Chicago

“Blumenberg’s ‘Comedy of Pure Theory’ and Aristophanes’ Clouds

Co-hosted with the Rhetoric and Poetics Workshop – 3 :30PM, Classics 21


December 5. Julia Mueller, Ph.D. Candidate, Social Thought, University of Chicago

“Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace Attending to Attention”

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