Autumn 2021

TUESDAY, October 5 
“Systematic Platonism and the Literary Character of Plato’s Dialogues”
Will Altman, Independent Scholar
Respondent: Antoine Pageau-St-Hilaire, PhD candidate, Committee on Social Thought
*Note unusual date​*

October 21
“The Journey to the Past: Time, Beauty, and Love in Plato’s Phaedrus and Sophocles’ Trachiniae
Jiawen Wang, MAPH student
Respondent: Emma Lunbeck, PhD student, Committee on Social Thought

November 4
“The Philosophical Poetics of Horace’s Education: Republican to Aesthetic Freedom”
Konrad Weeda, Lecturer, Social Sciences Division, University of Chicago
and Instructor, Classical Studies, Loyola University Chicago
Respondent: TBA
*Location: TBA*

November 18
“The Cognitive Value of Literature: The Importance of Ideas”
Dario Maestripieri, Professor, Comparative Human Development
and Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge
Respondent: Andrei Pop, Professor, Committee on Social Thought, Art History, and the College

December 2
Aestus Among Us: The Political Aspect of Lucretius’ Plague”
Daniel Orr, MAPH student
Respondent: Kai Feng, PhD student, Classics

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