Getting Involved

1. Sign up for the listserv. You can do this by clicking here. We announce all events, and circulate passwords for accessing documents, through our mailing list.

2. Come to an event. When are events? Typically we meet Thursdays of even-numbered weeks at 5pm in Foster 305, but this sometimes changes, so check the official schedule. We post a schedule on this website every quarter, and announce all events through the listserv.

3. Read the precirculated┬ámaterial. Well, chronologically, this comes before 2, but it’s optional: you can come to a presentation even if you haven’t read the paper beforehand. Information on how to access precirculated documents can be found in emails sent through the listserv (see 1 again). Please remember that most works presented at the workshop are works in progress, and we request that you treat them with the respect to be accorded as such: do not cite or formally reference without the express consent of the author. If you need help getting ahold of them, we’d be happy to help direct you.

4. Join in the conversation. A workshop meeting will typically begin with a five to ten minute introduction from the presenter, followed by questions from the audience and an hour of intense discussion. We strive to give both faculty and students sufficient opportunity to participate. Make sure to stick around afterwards for a wine & cheese reception!

5. Present a paper with us. If you’re interested in making a presentation with the workshop, contact one of our coordinators and we’ll see whether it’s possible. It helps if we already know you from your attending the workshop.

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