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Covid-19 spreads much faster in big cities Futurity: Research News


Coronavirus is hitting larger cities harder. How should they respond? UChicago News


State-level data misses growing coronavirus hot spots in U.S., including in the South UChicago News


Mapping Tech Could Formalize Settlements for One Billion People Next City


The Metric We Need to Manage COVID-19 Systrom


The physics that set out to study a million neighborhoods to improve cities El País


Uber and Lyft Are Convenient, Competitive and Highly Carbon Intensive Inside Climate News


Act Locally, Learn Globally: Luis Bettencourt on Building from the Community Up TheCityFix


Concern mounts over new Lagos physical planning, building control regulations The Guardian Nigeria




Mapping Fast-growing Informal Settlements in Africa GIM International


African slum map exposes true scale of urban poverty Reuters


Big Brains Podcast Saving Our Cities By Studying A Million Neighborhoods With Luis Bettencourt (Ep. 34) UChicago News


In fight against global poverty, researchers map fast-growing informal settlements in Africa UChicago News


UChicago and UN to host global symposium on sustainable cities and neighborhoods UChicago News


Urban October at University of Chicago to Focus on Urgent Challenges Facing Global Cities PR Newswire


The Evolution of the Galápagos The College News


On Cities Workshop 2019 – Public Debates Norman Foster Foundation


The Fabric of Our Lives Siam News


Science and Culture: Can the principles of topology help improve the world’s slums? PNAS


Why a 1925 book is still relevant to urban sociology UChicago News


Bettencourt to Deliver Buthman Lecture March 28 Hendrix College News


The Excruciating, Impossible Science of Airport Delays Wired


From the Technician to the world. It is in physics that a new generation of Portuguese geniuses is born dn_insider




How mapping the Galápagos could create more sustainable cities UChicago News


Math Helps Sprawling Cities Grow Sustainably And Reduce Slum Conditions Forbes


Scientists develop tools to bring infrastructure to slums UChicago News


Mansueto Institute Seminar: Juval Potugali Dialogo


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The city is not a massive machine, says Luis Bettencourt LiveMint


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History Repeats Itself: Ancient Cities Grew Much Like Modern Ones Live Science


Creating an Equation for Cities May Solve Ecological Conundrums The Smithsonian Magazine


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This is how long your business will last, according to science Fortune


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Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Building More Inclusive Cities to Lift the Urban Poor World Bank News


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Proposed Philly Ban Would Impact One-Third of Neighborhood’s Businesses Next City


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Knowledge, in Real Time SEED Magazine


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Why the future of humanity and the long-term sustainability of the planet are inextricably linked to the fate of our cities. SEED Magazine


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Computer just might reveal the secrets of the brain Santa Fe New Mexican


Scientists examine new way to track outbreaks Santa Fe New Mexican


Modeling the Emergence and Development of Scientific Fields U.S. Department of Energy: Office of Scientific and Technical Information




To escape flu – move to the country


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If You Can Make it There: Cities Are the Greatest Generators of Innovation and Wealth Scientific American


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