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Recent and Upcoming Presentations

See below for most recent


Center Urban Science and Progress (CUSP)

The Science of Cities (2 lectures)

Brooklyn NY USA, October 10-15, 2013.


World Bank

A new global data collection process for understanding human development in slums

Washington, DC USA. January 13, 2014.


Harvard Graduate School of Design

Principles of Energy and Information in Cities

Cambridge, MA USA. March 12, 2014.


UN-Habitat World Urban Forum: Two panels

1) Big Data and Human Development

2) Community Data Collection and Development

Medellin, Colombia. April 5-11, 2014.


International Conference Network Science (NetSci 2014)

Better Planning through Data

Berkeley, CA USA. June 3, 2014.


International Conference Computational Science

A Science of Cities: from infrastructure and human interactions to economic productivity

Cairns, Australia. June 10, 2014.


Santa Fe Institute Science Board Meeting

From Scaling to Practice

Santa Fe NM USA. June 20, 2014.


Santa Fe Institute Public Lecture:

The Fabric of Our Lives

June 18, 2014. James A. Little Theater, Santa Fe NM, USA.


Aspen Ideas Festival: Two Panels

1) Future Megacities and the Fate of Millions

2) Smart City Limits: How much can Big Data really do?

Aspen, CO USA, June 21,22, 2014.


Lipari Summer School: 3 Lectures

Smart Cities: Data, Theory, Practice

Lipari, Italy, July 20-26, 2014


European Technology Forum Alpbach

Complex Systems and Cities

Alpbach, Austria, August 23, 2014.


Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA)

Cities as Complex Systems

Brasilia, Brazil September 2, 2014


National Academies of Science “Frontiers in Science”

Urban Growth, Energy and Human Development

Tokyo, Japan, December 8, 2014.


Silicon Valley Breakfast:

Crowd-Sourcing Human Development: people, neighborhoods, cities.

Palo Alto CA USA, December 9, 2014


Radcliffe Institute (Harvard University)

Urban Theory in the age of Big Data

Harvard MA USA, December 15-16, 2014


PCAST Meeting: Technology and Cities

Palo Alto CA, February 15, 2015


AAAS Annual Meeting

Cities as Innovation Hubs

San Jose CA USA, February 14, 2015.


German Physical Society Spring Meeting

Invited talk: The Universality of Cities as Complex Systems

Berlin, Germany March 17, 2015.


Building Capacity for 21st Century Social Sciences

Washington DC, March 19-20, 2015.


Space, Time and Social Life in Cities

Lecture: part of Genome of the Built Environment

Harvard University School of Design, April 9, 2015


Sven Tyréns Trust R&D Day

Invited Talk: Cities as Complex Systems

Stockholm, Sweden, April 14 2015.


AAG Annual Meeting

New data and methodologies for (development) geography

Chicago, IL, April 21, 2015


Computations In Science Seminar – U. Chicago

The Mathematics of Cities

Chicago, IL,  May 13, 2015.


Harvard Kennedy School Global Empowerment Meeting (GEM16)

Cities as an Engine for Growth and Prosperity: What are the Levers?  (w/ Amy Liu, Ed Glaeser & Sergio Fajardo) Cambridge, MA, April 14 2016


OpenIDEO Prototyping and Design Meeting

How can Slums become more resilient to Climate Change?

Nairobi, Kenya, March 21-27


Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Urban Physics Workshop

The Many Uses of Physics in the Study of Cities, Keynote.

Cambridge MA, March 1, 2016


European Commission Joint Research Center

Scientific Seminar on Modelling Urban and Regional Growth in Europe

Istria, Italy April 27-28 2016.


International Conference on City Sciences (ICCS16)

The Emerging Multidisciplinary Science of Cities, Keynote

Universidad del Desarollo, Santiago de Chile, June 16 2016


2016 Annual Symposium of the Interdisciplinary PhD in Urban Design and Planning

The Future City: Emergence of a New Science : Keynote

University of Washington Seattle, May 5, 2016


Word Cities Summit

Young Leaders Forum & Panel on “Mayors Taking Charge”

Singapore,  July 12, 2016.


Global Sustainability Summer School: Urban Sustainability

2 lectures: Theories of Cities and Scaling; Heterogeneity, Change and Human Development in Cities

Santa Fe, NM, August 2016


UN-Habitat III

New Tools for Community Led Slum Upgrading & Open-Reblock.

Quito, Ecuador, October 19, 2016.


Annual Meeting Society for American Archeology

The Intellectual History of Urban Scaling Theory

Vancouver, BC, April 2017


ASI workshop on Cities and Urbanization

Hong Kong, January 9-12 2016


Urbanics 3

Pucón, Chile, March 13-16, 2017


Space Syntax Conference

Lisbon, Portugal, July 2017


Urbanization without Growth? Perspectives from the Roman World

British Academy, Rome, July 2017