Friday, October 19: Joanne Vera Stolk (University of Oslo)

On Friday, October 19, at 11:30am in Harper 141, LVC will be holding a joint meeting with the Morphology & Syntax workshop (please note the special time and place!). Joanne Vera Stolk (University of Oslo) will be presenting on non-standard spelling and morphology in Greek. Please find the abstract below:

Hearing Greek, writing Coptic? Explaining non-standard spelling and morphology in a historical language contact situation
Egyptian monks living in monasteries of Western Thebes during the seventh century CE left behind a substantial corpus of liturgical hymns written in Greek, containing a considerable amount of non-standard orthography and morphology. This provides us with an interesting corpus for linguistic study of the cognitive processes involved in the production of spelling and morphology by non-native writers. I apply an interactive dual-route model for spelling in order to explain how these non-standard forms could have been generated. By analyzing these innovative forms we can get more information about the scribe’s orthographic lexicon and their knowledge and use of orthographic and morphological patterns in their first and second language.

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