Perry Wong (UChicago): Mayan in Cunén

Please join us in Cobb Hall 301 on Friday at 15:30 for the very last LVC of the year! Perry Wong, from the Anthropology Department at UChicago, will be talking about Kunentenko. This week we will also have a Zoom option, so if you are unable to join us in-person, please reach out to the LVC coordinators for the link.

Mayan in Cunén: Metasemiotic explorations

Drawing from a comparative and regionalist lens, and employing a metasemiotic perspective through and through, in this presentation I lay out some of the research in the field of linguistic anthropology that I have been periodically carrying out in the Republic of GuatemalaI focus on the synchronic linguistic description and diachronic analysis of the Kunenteko language, the ethnography of some of its registers and genres of use, as well as the ethnology and history of the town and municipality of Santa MaríCunén, in the eastern Cuchumatán mountains of the Department of El Quiché. My research has involved methods of grammatical elicitation and textual analysis, ethnography, and oral and archival history.

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