Projects From The Logan Center for the Arts at the University of Chicago

Unsuspending Disbelief Lobby Installation

The Logan Shop student staff worked tirelessly to fabricate and install Thansai Sethaseree’s ambitious installation in the Gidwitz Lobby forĀ Unsuspending Disbelief, an exhibition of international artists curated by Laura Letinsky. From fabricating rigging slings for a 40′ x 17′ painting to soldering custom LED lights, this project allowed the multifaceted skills of the Logan staff to shine. Thanks to Jake Kaufman, Denny Kang, Tippo Wang, Zoe Kauder Nalebuff, Lexi Drexelius, Breanne Johnson, Ari Feldman, Oliver Ramin, Sharif Jamaldin, Alex Whoitmore, Gabe Moreno, Clayton Norris, and Cambria Whitcomb.IMG_0174 IMG_20160126_103315 IMG_20160126_103250 IMG_0175

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ngrasso • April 14, 2016

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