Madhavi Senagolage, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Senagolage completed her Bachelor’s degree in Biology at Lake Forest College and her Doctoral degree at Northwestern University. As a Ph.D. student in the laboratory of Dr. Grant Barish, she discovered a novel role of the transcriptional repressor, BCL6, in controlling healthful subcutaneous white adipose tissue expansion and whole-body insulin sensitivity. For her post-doctoral work, she is identifying druggable proteins and signaling pathways in CUX1-deficient myeloid malignancies.  Dr. Senagolage received the NIH/NHLBI F32 HL156600-01A1 training award entitled: “Functional characterization of CUX1 regulators for the treatment of myelodysplastic syndromes.”  She also received the 2023 BSD Career Advancement for Postdocs (CAP) Travel Award.