Wednesday April 25, 4:30-6:00pm. Rosenwald 329

The Medicine and Its Objects Workshop presents:

Ari Gandsman (Anthropology, University of Ottawa):

Sensing the End: Timing death and the right to die

Right to die activism is structured around the demand and desire to time one’s own death under the belief that the ability to control the dying process eases and improves it for both the individuals demanding this right as well as for their affective networks. In such a way, this issue is often framed around logics of individual choice and personal autonomy. While opponents in ongoing debates over medically assisted dying will thus accuse activists of embracing an unbridled neoliberal individualistic ethics that devalue life and the ageing process and reject notions of community and care, this talk aims to complicate this point of view by showing how this process of temporally structuring death can counter-intuitively become an ethics for life.

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