The Medicine & Its Object Workshop 2021-2022

Alternating Wednesdays  |  4:30-6pm CST

Hybrid (Cobb 119) unless noted otherwise


March 30th *12:00-1:30*

Weighing the Future: Race, Science, and Pregnancy Trials in the Postgenomic Era

Guest Presenter: Natali Valdez, Assistant Professor of Women’s & Gender Studies, Wellesley College

Discussant: Stephanie Palazzo

*please note the altered time for this session*


April 13th

The Limits of Therapeutic Design: Rethinking Ecology in the Utopian Milieu

Presenter: Zach Lazarus, PhD Student, Crown School

Discussant: Bill Hutchison, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, English Language & Literature


April 20th – Joint Session with Transnational Approaches to Modern Europe

Social and Socialist: Ideas of Health, Medicine and Society Across the Iron Curtain

Guest Presenter: Dora Vargha, Professor of History and Medical Humanities, University of Exeter

Discussant: Misha Appeltova, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences

Location: *Social Sciences Tea Room (SSRB 201)*


April 27th

“Medicina Crítica: Critical Care in Critical Times in Buenos Aires”

Presenter: Livia Garofalo, PhD Candidate, Anthropology, Northwestern University

Discussant: Talia Gordon, PhD Candidate, Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago


May 25th

Panel Session: MAPSS & MAPH




January 26th

Documentary Reality of Psychosocial Immigration Reports: Constituting Forensic Experts and Figuring “Good Victims

Presenter: Anna Prior, PhD Student, CHD

Discussant: Daniel Scott


February 9th – Joint Session with Disability Studies Workshop

Ethnographic Betrayals: Secrecy, Loyalty, and Sovereignty in the Field

Guest Presenter: Sahil Can Açiksoz, Faculty UCLA, Anthropology

Discussant: Eman Elshaikh


February 23rd

The Phenomenology of Attention

Presenter: Sophie Reichert, PhD Student, Anthropology

Discussant: Tina Post


March 9th

Embodying Dose: Sense, Stress, and the Uncertainty of Dosimetry

Presenter: Stephanie Palazzo, PhD Student, CHD

Discussant: Lorenzo Granada



September 29th

Welcome Reception

*In-Person only


October 13th

Staging Dementia: “Benjamin and Mary”

Presenter: Sam Robson, PhD Student, Anthropology

Discussant: Tracy Brannstrom


October 27th

Managing Consensus and Dissensus in Palliative Medicine

Presenter: Timothy Elder, PhD Candidate, Sociology

Discussant: Lilly Lerer


November 3rd 

Joint Session with U.S. Locations Workshop

Invited Speaker: Jason Pine, Professor of Media Studies and Anthropology SUNY


*This convening is open to all invitees regardless of vaccination status and, because of ongoing health risks to the unvaccinated, those who are unvaccinated are expected to adopt the risk mitigation measures advised by public health officials (masking and social distancing, etc.). Public convening may not be safe for all and carries a risk for contracting COVID-19, particularly for those unvaccinated. Participants will not know the vaccination status of others, including venue staff, and should follow appropriate risk mitigation measures.